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Special Characteristics, Specific Needs

Solutions for Outdoor Brands

Due to outdoor brands' customer group, who spend time outdoors in nature, and their own initiative to produce the best possible high-quality clothing for outdoor sports, sustainability is the basis for their business strategy.

Solutions we offer outdoor fashion brands for

CSR Management & Compliance


Map & trace
supply chains for a full overview on your operation. Make informed decisions with real-time
supply chain & ESG data

Supply Chain Due Diligence

Identify potential ESG
risks, areas of
improvement &
gaps of information.
Build and execute plans of action
based on data.

Digital Product Passport

Disclose controlled &
collected ESG data to end
consumers via QR code or
e-commerce integration.
and report to relevant stakeholders (NGOs, Governments, etc.).

Retraced solutions help you tackle

Legislations Effecting Outdoor Brands

  • CSRD: EU legislation requiring large companies to report regularly on CSR-impacting activities
  • EU DR: An anti-deforestation regulation (for footwear brands)
  • ESPR / DPP: Mandates for ecodesign to improve circularity, energy performance & other ESG aspects.

Also from Retraced: solidify your compliance with these additional

EGK & CSR Solutions for Outdoor Brands

For every major concern of outdoor apparel brands today, Retraced's comprehensive platform provides a solution.

Product Impact Calculation

Measure your apparel product's impacts on...

  • CO2 Emissions (Scope 1-3)
  • Water Consumption

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Predict environmental impact at all stages...

from material acquisition to waste management & recycling

Supplier Relationship Enhancement

Seamlessly communicate, share & receive...

  • Potential supply chain risks
  • Real-time ESG data

30/107 FWF companies are outdoor & sports brands

High interest in the FWF standards, in September last year we communicated a possible partnership with the FWF for the CAPA campaign:

Fair Wear Members trust Retraced's modules for:

  • SCDD, DPP, Traceability
  • Risk & CAP management
One handing a large white tablet with the Retraced supply chain management features, with the other hand scrolling the screen.

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