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Empower your brand compliance by joining the leading platform for Sustainability Due Diligence management in the textile industry

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Automatize your supply chain compliance for current and future regulations

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Guided compliance made easy

Our automatized set of tools allow you to easily monitor your supply chains to fulfill current & anticipate upcoming Sustainable Due Dilligence regulations. Act now as social & environmental regulations have been enacted in 20 countries and in the EU.

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Real-time data collection & supplier collaboration

Access real-time data collection, automate document and certificate collection and streamline verification with our advanced features. Boost your teams productivity through real-time collaboration with suppliers. The Retraced platform enables you to transform data into valuable insights, freeing you to focus on strategic decision-making instead of manual tasks.

Three windows from the Retraced platform showing the risk prevention dashboard, risk prioritization dashboard and the risk heatmap features.

Improve supply chains risk management

Benefit from our network feature to establish connections with your Tier-1 and upstream suppliers. By engaging with your indirect suppliers, Retraced allows you to proactively identify and mitigate the risks to protect your brand reputation by ensuring both direct and indirect suppliers meet your CSR standards.

What our customers say

"With the implementation of the retraced platform, we can now effectively map and clearly manage our supply chains. On the one hand, this saves resources, and on the other, it enables us to show quite transparently where and how we produce. This makes our sustainability promise visible, so to speak."


Sustainability Manager at Weitblick

"Sustainability and the claim to act responsibly are deeply anchored in our brand DNA. With the help of retraced, our goal is to enable comprehensive transparency in and about the supply chain in the medium term and to set new standards in the industry."


Division Head Sustainable Sourcing, Buying & Production Knits at Marc O'Polo

"We see significant potential in retraced and their platform. This partnership enables us to provide instantaneous traceability details to our brand and retail partners. What may have taken days of searching through and consolidating documents can now be pulled in seconds."


Director of Operations and Supply chains at Décor Global

"With retraced, we have a knowledgeable partner on our side that enables us to ideally complement our existing activities in sustainability management, to further strengthen our supplier network, to make our supply chains even more efficient and optimize them continuously."


Division Manager Quality Assurance & Vendor Compliance

"We are working with retraced to launch a traceability interface which is user-friendly and one which we hope will eventually become the most widely adopted by our fellow suppliers as well as our brand partners."



"We believe transparency is the first step to transform the industry. We must join forces with suppliers and consumers to achieve more – and Retraced is the right tool to bridge the two forces."


Owner of DAWN Denim

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Boost your supply chain compliance management

Prevent forced labor risks efficiently with Retraced

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