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The Platform for Sustainability and Compliance in Fashion & Textile Supply Chains

Efficiently collaborate with your suppliers to increase your sustainability performance, trace your products and minimize your compliance risks in your supply chains.

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supply chain due diligence dashboard through the retraced platform, showing a risk heat map with a list of regions and their exact, color-coded, risk scores

Make supply chain due diligence your strength

Digitally connect with your suppliers to ensure efficient communication and collaboration along your supply chains. Collect, overview and analyze your supply chain information to gain full transparency of your current sustainability practices, understand your social and environmental risks and efficiently adhere to all relevant due diligence requirements - today and in the future.

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product traceability supply chain visual as provided through the retraced platform, with every vendor along the supply chain and their details connected by logistics lines.

Enable product and material traceability at scale

Explore your unknown suppliers, visualize your supply chains and trace your products to gain full control and overview of your production. Define your traceability requirements, automate your traceability data collection, and validate the information with the help of retraced's AI-powered document revision.

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pop-up image of a woman scanning a clothing product tag, and a mockup smartphone with the product journey through the retraced application.

Foster transparency for you and your customers

Drive valuable insights from your sustainability and transparency efforts and share them with relevant internal and external stakeholders. Overview and digest the collected data from our supply chains as the basis for your sustainability and compliance reporting. Additionally, initiate communication on product level towards your customers via QR-codes or a webshop-integration to gain trust and comply to regulations, such as the AGEC law or the Digital Product Pass.

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What we do

The retraced platform explained in 2 minutes

Market Leadership through innovation & collaboration

Retraced is the trusted partner of the world’s leading fashion and textile brands and suppliers to support them with their growing sustainability and traceability challenges. By joining Retraced, companies become part of Retraced’s ecosystem benefiting from the collective knowledge of more than 150 brands and 10.000 suppliers who are connected on one platform working on the common goal of making the fashion industry more transparent and sustainable.

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What our customers say

"With the implementation of the retraced platform, we can now effectively map and clearly manage our supply chains. On the one hand, this saves resources, and on the other, it enables us to show quite transparently where and how we produce. This makes our sustainability promise visible, so to speak."


Sustainability Manager at Weitblick

"Sustainability and the claim to act responsibly are deeply anchored in our brand DNA. With the help of retraced, our goal is to enable comprehensive transparency in and about the supply chain in the medium term and to set new standards in the industry."


Division Head Sustainable Sourcing, Buying & Production Knits at Marc O'Polo

"We see significant potential in retraced and their platform. This partnership enables us to provide instantaneous traceability details to our brand and retail partners. What may have taken days of searching through and consolidating documents can now be pulled in seconds."


Director of Operations and Supply chains at Décor Global

"With retraced, we have a knowledgeable partner on our side that enables us to ideally complement our existing activities in sustainability management, to further strengthen our supplier network, to make our supply chains even more efficient and optimize them continuously."


Division Manager Quality Assurance & Vendor Compliance

"We are working with retraced to launch a traceability interface which is user-friendly and one which we hope will eventually become the most widely adopted by our fellow suppliers as well as our brand partners."



"We believe transparency is the first step to transform the industry. We must join forces with suppliers and consumers to achieve more – and Retraced is the right tool to bridge the two forces."


Owner of DAWN Denim

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Drive data collection in your textile supply chain

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