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📣#Update - Scalable chain-of-custody traceability. Any material. Every supply chain.

Tracing 200 Million products - Our work in enterprise supply chain traceability has been reaching next-level scalability.

We are working with some of the biggest players in the fashion and textile industry, including global full-service apparel design and manufacturing company Decor Global, and leading global denim manufacturer, Artistic Milliners.

Together we are on track to trace 10,000 orders with approx. 20,000 pieces per order. What does that mean? In the next 12 months, retraced and partners will have traced 200 million products from America’s largest retailers and brands 🎉

All the products and orders will go through retraced’s Advanced 360 Traceability Solution, which combines methodologies from fiber-forward tracing, product transformation, and product backward tracing, allowing for rigorous tracing and complete chain-of-custody reporting for fashion and textile companies.

Tracing is critical to understanding accountability in supply chains - where are products and materials made, who makes them, and how. Working together with our partners, we are helping structure, streamline and scale their traceability. Making supply chain compliance & reporting for the latest regulations more practical and more effective - and ensuring that we are all retracing our steps for the right reasons.

Stay tuned for more partnership updates!

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