retraced featured in home&smart

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Recently, we have been featured in the startup section of home&smart, the consumer portal for Smart Home, electromobility and IoT. We love home&smart's motivation to support people in navigating the world of pioneering technologies and innovative tools to facilitate their daily lives. This goes hand in hand with our mission to redefine the way we consume by providing easy access to honest information about the products around us.

Technology creates transparency.

Our platform enables companies to not only efficiently manage their supply chains but also receive a holistic perspective over their supply chain management. This allows them to honestly and transparently communicate their social and environmental sustainability efforts to the end consumer. With the help of our consumer app and badges on the product pages of the website, the consumer is thereby empowered to make informed buying decisions.

Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives and using it to understand where our clothes were made, who made them, and under which working conditions can pave the way for a more responsible and connected society.

We are working towards a future where transparent supply chains that foster better working conditions and more sustainable manufacturing practices across all industries will become the standard. To be able to make that happen, we need people that help spread our vision, just like the changemakers at home&smart.

Let's use technology for good.

Tai Ford