Effective sustainability management empowered by transparency


Your digital platform for sustainable supply chain management

With our CSR software, you can use one system to efficiently manage your suppliers, monitor your compliance, and get a live overview of your social and environmental sustainability efforts.

Collect data automatically.Achieve your goals effectively.


Steer your investment in sustainability

Reaching your sustainability targets can be a challenge. Especially if much of your time is locked up constantly chasing down suppliers for documents, certificates, and proofs. Jumping between different databases, and spreadsheets to get the data you need is not convenient. Still, understanding your supply chains is necessary for mitigating risks. And it's vital for maximizing the return on your sustainability investment.

Sustainable supply chain management empowered by transparency.


Efficient Impact Tool

Monitor and manage the ethical and environmental standards of your supply chain. Drive progress towards your teams impact and sustainability goals.

Automated Data Management

Manage and receive automatic updates on your certifications and documents from your supply chains. Act upon the data insights, and constantly improve your compliance standards.

Single Source of Truth

Say goodbye to tedious email inbox searches and excel spreadsheet roulette. Collect, store, update and manage all the data points in one platform.

Why our clients use retraced

“Cooperating with retraced and not only showing off transparency, but also real-time traceability of single products will be a game-changer.”
Lavinia Muth, Corporate Responsibility Manager
Fair-fashion market innovator specializes in contemporary apparel & accessories

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