Trace all products, all supply chains from farm-to-final garment

Responsible textile manufacturing standards enabled by verifiable traceability, transparency and credibility.

“retraced - the preferred traceability solution for global suppliers’’

“We see significant potential in retraced and their platform. This partnership not only allows us to be more proactive and automated in our supply chain data management, but it also enables us to provide instantaneous traceability details to our brand and retail partners through a robust reporting capability. What may have taken days of searching through and consolidating documents can now be pulled in seconds.”
Michael Cai
Director of Operations and Supply chains at Décor Global
"We are working hand in glove with retraced to launch a traceability interface which is user-friendly and one which we hope will eventually become the most widely adopted by our fellow suppliers as well as our brand partners."
Omer Ahmed
CEO of Artistic Milliners
"One of the biggest challenges of the textile sector is its complex supply chain network and the involvement of numerous suppliers dealing with diverse raw materials and operations. Retraced is a great supply chain transparency solution. Their system is simple and understandable."
Özge Özsoy
Marketing Chief of Bossa

Enterprise-ready Compliance & Transparency Empowered by Traceability

Responsible textile manufacturing starts with verifiable transparency across the entire supply chain. Your clients, brands and retailers, their consumers, and regulators are escalating the call for more responsible textile value chains. The need to know where and under what environmental and social conditions fibers are sourced is becoming an imperative to doing business globally.

The world’s leading fabric and textile manufacturers and suppliers are looking for solutions that address these ethical concerns. These solutions need to be scalable, and flexible for current business operation. With retraced, you can deliver authentic data throughout the value chain. Thus, ensuring the multi-tier reporting and visibility needed to meet regulatory requirements, and sustainability objectives.


“Enterprise-grade traceability that skips all the impractical bells and whistles, and directly addresses specific business compliance needs.’’


Traceability & Transparency - as easy as A, B, C!


Get Started by digitalizing and onboarding your key stakeholders onto one platform for a full value chain visibility. Connect your upstream fiber supplier partners and downstream yarn and fabric producers all onto one platform. The retraced traceability solution enables you to get all of your important vendors and their production steps in one place, setting the stage for reliable traceability.


Evaluate, sync, and strategize on a traceability process that makes business sense. Utilize the multi-tier overview provided by retraced to incorporate all of your business and production flows, from seed to fiber to yarn to final garment. The retraced team understands the complexities of textile manufacturing and we sync with your suppliers to address the pain points and deliver on meaningful traceability.


Robust and business-ready transparency and traceability enable you to set the standard in responsible textile manufacturing. Retraced helps you ensure that tracing, reporting and visibility fits to your business flow, integrates with your systems, and helps you empower all the stakeholders involved - from farmer to final garment.



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Regulation Ready. We build to scale.
Setup and scale as an industry leader in traceability and compliance.

Full scale traceability with retraced is already underway


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