Your software for sustainability management

The platform to visualize, verify and communicate your supply chains, manage your CSR efforts, and gain consumer trust. Transform your apparel company towards full transparency and take your sustainability to new heights.


Digitized supplier onboarding
Create and send your individualized onboarding catalogue to integrate new suppliers into your retraced network within minutes
Supplier, product & material database
Collect and keep track of all relevant supplier, product and material information efficiently in one place
Supply chain mapping & visualization
Explore and map your supply chains to keep an overview of where your products and materials come from
Sustainability & transparency score
Receive automatic sustainability scores for all your suppliers to benchmark their impact and identify potential improvement areas
Certificate & document management
Efficiently request all relevant certifications and documents from your suppliers and keep track of their validity at any point in time
Audit & corrective action management
Coordinate your audits with your suppliers and efficiently communicate and progress with your CAPs
Supplier assessment
Define your compliance requirements for different supplier groups and overview their performance progress over time
Compliance & sustainability dashboard
Stay on top of your sustainability management in your supply chains and overview your latest compliance developments
Order management
Consolidate and keep track of all your orders on real-time basis
Supply chain tracing
Trace and verify your supply chains down to their source of your raw materials and collect all documents that record the chain of custody
End consumer communication
Efficiently communicate your sustainability efforts at the point of sale and benefit from consumer trust and loyalty
Marketing analytics dashboard
Analyse the consumer engagement with your provided sustainability information and its impact on their purchasing decision

Transparency + CSR Unlocked


Cloud-based accessibility


Digital and automated


Easy to use, easy to scale

Vendor management

  • Efficiently onboard new suppliers into your network
  • Collect and overview all relevant information, certificates and documents of your suppliers and products
  • Coordinate your audits and manage your corrective actions jointly with your suppliers

Compliance & sustainability management

  • Define different supplier requirement catalogues and monitor their progress
  • Get a sustainability score for each supplier and take actions to improve them over time
  • Get CO2 & water footprint for each supplier and take actions to improve them over time

Track & trace

  • Explore your supply chains and map them down to the source of your raw materials
  • Trace and verify all your supply chain steps for your different products and orders
  • Collect all documents to record your chain of custody at all times

Marketing & communication

  • Communicate your sustainability efforts to your consumers to tell the story behind your products
  • Use retraced's QR-codes or online shop integrations to effectively communicate your sustainability efforts at your point of sales
  • Evaluate the consumer engagement with your sustainability efforts and how it changes their decision making


Convenient Business App

Complete, mobile based, easy-to-use sustainable supply chain management software solution for every company, all around the world.

Blockchain Data Security

The foundation of our transparency solution. All supply chain certificates & materials data stored on tamper-proof blockchain cloud.


We employ automated protocols that sync & integrate various existing systems, making our traceability solution easy to scale.

Supply Chain Support

Customized presentations, tutorials & materials to make the transparency onboarding friction-free for your supply chain partners.

Seamless Introduction

Get your products created and supply chains mapped in minutes, with our introductory tutorials, and interactive help & support directory.


How long does the implementation take?

Very fast - you can create an account and start implementing retraced within minutes! We are cloud-based, meaning that there is no expensive, time-consuming on-site installation needed. Get in touch and we'll get you from sign-up to transparency ready in minutes. 🚀

What's the implementation process like?

In order to unlock the stories behind your supply chains, and help you manage your sustainable efforts, we only require a few steps from you. The first step is a demo and/or a kick-off call to get you access to retraced. You'll speak with one of our customer excellence professionals to help get a better understanding of what our system does, and how we can help you. Once we are all in agreement and happy (and we will be!) 😁 then, we'll give you account access. Simple as that!

How much does it cost?

That's the great part - our solution was built for you! Our platform access provides full flexibility through access to our sustainable supply chain management features. Depending on the size of your supply chain network, we offer a complete package for your sustainability goals. (Discounts available for startups). Get in touch and let us help you and your brand on your transparency journey.

Do you integrate with other systems?

Yes we do! We are a tech—native Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, and we have the best tech team in the business! 💻 Multiple emails and spreadsheets are bad enough and we totally understand that no one wants to be using yet another system. That's why we do not only already have integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce, we also have a robust open API to allow for seamless integrations with your other tools. Every project is different, so get in touch with us so that we can see how we can help conveniently sync with your existing workflows

Do you provide system support?

100%. Our team is here to you help you on your transparency journey, from start, to middle, and beyond. #TeamworkMakestheDreamWork. Get in touch with us whenever you have system issues, need help understanding how to execute something on our platform, or just need support in speaking with suppliers. Think of us as your Transparency Sherpas! 🙂

What kind of technology do you use?

The best! Our solution is built on the powerful database architecture, Autonomous, from Oracle. We also use Oracle's Blockchain cloud to ensure a trustworthy and state-of-the-art technical foundation. This ensures that all critical supply chain information is stored on a tamper-proof database, and is subject to all the latest security protocols, as well as GDPR and EU data regulations.

Seeing is believing.
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