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White paper

Due diligence handbook for the fashion and luxury industry

Prepare your company for the evolving legal landscape of the fashion industry

AGEC, CSDDD, DPP etc. If you feel overwhelmed by the many ESG regulations that keep appearing worldwide, rest assured that many fashion and luxury brands feel the same way. Across the globe governments are fighting unsustainable practices, and it's crucial for companies, regardless of size, to understand and comply with these requirements.

Our white paper aims to shed light on the legal framework shaping the future of fashion. At the same time you will learn how in-depth knowledge of value chains puts you in the position to mitigate risks and improve your impact. Beyond legality, we believe this momentum will inspire a more humane approach to business, shaping a better tomorrow.

In this white paper you will:

Get an overview of the most pressing ESG regulations worldwide (CSRD, ESPR, DPP etc.)

Learn how to prepare for all legislations applying to your company with methods like supplier mapping and traceability

Understand the social and environmental impact of the fashion industry and its power for good

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