EU - Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

Ensuring full Compliance and CSR management for all companies to help meet The European Union's climate agenda.

What is the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)?   📰

Due diligence for the European Union. An introduction.  




  • Expected adoption by Council of the European Union on 28.11.2022. 20 days later the CSRD is expected to be put into force. EU member states will have 18 months to transpose this into nation law.  (Source:
  • From 01.10.2024 (reporting year 2025) All large public-interest companies (>250 employees and/or >€40M turnover and/or >€20M total assets ) already subject to the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) of 2018. 
  • From 01.01.2025 Non-EU companies with substantial activity in the EU (with a turnover over €150 million euro in the EU) will also have to comply.
  • From 01.01.2026 Listed SMEs will also be covered, but they will have more time to adapt to the new rules 



The Directive is one of the key measures to support the European Green Deal, the Sustainable Finance Agenda, and to declare the wider EU commitment towards reliable reporting on sustainability information 



Specifically, the CSRD introduces more detailed reporting requirements on companies’ impact on the environment, human rights, and social standards, based on common criteria in line with EU’s climate goals. This will enable investors to re-orient investments towards more sustainable technologies and industries.

  • To ensure companies are providing reliable information, they will be subject to independent auditing and certification.
  • Financial and sustainability reporting will be on an equal footing and investors will have comparable and reliable data. Digital access to sustainability information will also have to be guaranteed.



Businesses will also have to start reporting on how sustainability risks might affect their performance. A few key methodologies and solutions will need to be considered:

Complete Supply Chain Mapping and Traceability
Vendor Management, Engagement and Assessments
Full-scope Risk Management
Prioritization decisions and strategy to inform Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA)

All affected EU companies must adopt measures for meaningful engagement with affected stakeholders – those people that are at risk of negative impacts from business activity. Listening to the voices of workers, community members and others is vital to a company’s understanding of risks to people and the planet and strengthens its due diligence.

Staying on top of the regulation requirements, data collection and disclosure best practices, and supplier network communications will be imperative. And retraced can help!  

EU's CSRD - How to be ready

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"The new rules will make more businesses accountable for their impact on society and will guide them towards an economy that benefits people and the environment. Data about the environmental and societal footprint would be publicly available to anyone interested in this footprint. At the same time, the new extended requirements are tailored to various company sizes and provides them with sufficient transition period to get ready for the new requirements."
Jozef Síkela
Minister of Industry & Trade, Czech Republic
“Sustainability and the claim to act responsibly are deeply anchored in our brand DNA. With the help of retraced, our goal is to enable comprehensive transparency in and about the supply chain in the medium term and to set new standards in the industry.”​
Lissa Erlenkötter-1
Lissa Erlenkötter
Division Head Sustainable Sourcing, Buying & Production Knits at Marc O'Polo
Working with retraced helps our team to strengthen and streamline our sustainability management processes so that we can be more effective with our efforts in supporting responsible and transparent value chains within our network. The opportunity to collaborate with competitors to act as one brings great beauty to our valuable partners by voiding another audit fatigue.
Christiane Hügelmann-01
Christiane Hügelmann
Head of Sustainability, Compliance & Quality at Strellson AG, HOLY FASHION GROUP
"With retraced, we have a knowledgeable partner on our side that enables us to ideally complement our existing activities in sustainability management, to further strengthen our supplier network, to make our supply chains even more efficient and optimize them continuously."
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Martin Löring
Division Manager Quality Assurance & Vendor Compliance, Galeria
“At DEDICATED we know how important it is to know our supply chain well, to minimize our social and environmental impact, but managing all this data can be a challenge. Retraced offers us an easy and complete solution to deal with these challenges."​
Margaux Schleder
Head of CSR, Dedicated