Meet the team - Bea

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My purpose at retraced

As one of the coders at retraced, I am responsible for the development of both backend and frontend. I work hand in hand with the incredible people on our product development team to plan, conceptualize and implement fresh features. My motivation behind working at retraced is that I enjoy waking up every day and ending each day knowing that I’m working on something impactful while at the same time doing something I'm really passionate about!

IMG_2500 3 copyMe in three words

  • clumsy
  • adventurous
  • compassionate


What I like about the retraced family

It still amazes me that each day I work with different people from different countries, time zones, and cultures, despite all the differences our work environment is still shaped by passion and friendship. ❤️‍🔥


My passion besides work

Aside from coding and being in front of my desk — I also enjoy exploring the outside world either alone with my film camera, or with friends to grab drinks/coffee, play sports or find something new to do! On top, I play piano, read books, and binge watch.



My favorite song

Oooff my favorite song changes regularly, but now I'm currently into Free by Florence + The Machine



I was born in

Marikina City, Philippines                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I love spending time in nature!



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