Meet the team - Anna

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My purpose at retraced

My official position is Product Owner, being responsible for developing our platform further. I am in close contact with our users and partners to get their feedback but also research how we can implement complex sustainability and responsibility matters in user-friendly ways. However, I define my purpose at retraced not through my position. I see myself as enabler and facilitator trying to be in the right place at the right time to empower everyone in our family to do their job in the best way possible.

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Me in three words

  • supportive
  • motivated
  • transparent


What I like about the retraced family

I love that we are so open, always critically question the status quo and don’t let us limit by existing structures but in a collaborative way trying to take our partners by the hand, showing them that together we can reimagine global production networks and rebuild them in more equitable and responsible ways.



My passion besides work

This is hard to answer, as for me the distinguishing between work and leisure doesn’t feel right anymore. My passion is societal change, making the world more equitable and in retraced I found a vehicle how I can do that. Besides that I love being in nature, doing sports and getting to know new things.



My favorite song

Too many, but right now I am listening a lot to Annenmaykantereit
and Sigrid



I was born in

Munich, Germany



Lena Neumann