Client Success Story: Boyish x retraced Case Study

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Client Success Story: Boyish x retraced Case Study

The pursuit for progress and honest sustainability is paying off. 📈 Boyish Jeans joined retraced in March 2020. Since then they have gone on to trace more than 80 of their products, connecting with their various manufacturing partners and fabric suppliers, and retracing their steps all the way down to Tier 6. And the best part about it? True to their holistic values, Boyish is taking their customers along with them on their transparent, sustainable journey! And it's proving to also make business sense.

  • Since implementing the retraced widget into their Shopify eCommerce store, Boyish has seen up to a 13+% increase in online conversions 📈 when their customers interact with the transparency widget.
  • Having the widget on the product page, consumers were 2x as likely to make a purchase 💚, after clicking and exploring the product's sustainable journey.


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