Working towards a fairer and more sustainable fashion industry, together.

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Our vision

Create the global ecosystem driving sustainable change in the fashion industry by enabling transparent cross-company collaboration.

What we do

Our Ecosystem

Retraced does not only provide you with a digital platform for CSDD but offers an entire ecosystem for efficient and effective collaboration on Sustainability Due Diligence.

A global team for global supply chains



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Our story

In high school, Philipp, Lukas, and Peter formed a bond that later gave birth to CANO, an ethical shoe brand, in 2016. Identifying a need for genuine artisan-consumer connections, they founded Retraced in 2018, focused on supply chain transparency.

Since 2021, Retraced's commitment to innovation has grown, addressing evolving fashion industry regulations.

We now provide brands with a robust tool for navigating these regulations, reaffirming our dedication to ethical practices and legislative adaptation.

“At Retraced, success isn't just about milestones; it's our unwavering commitment to transparency, sustainability, and transforming consumer-industry relationships. Our journey, filled with achievements, is still unfolding.”

- Lukas Püender CEO at Retraced

Behind every great company there’s an even greater team.

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