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Successful Compliance and CSR management starts with actionable transparency of your textile supply chains.
"Working with the retraced platform enables us to save time and resources. By having all supply chain data in one place, we can effectively map our supply chains, identify risks and better manage the social and environmental sustainability with our suppliers."
Sven-Oliver Pink
Co-Founder of FOND OF
“The benefits of retraced for us are supply chain management, certification management and transparency and traceability. We are able to see internally where we are producing but also able to show this and prove this to the outside world.”
Margreeth Dronkert
The Queen of CSR & Sustainability at Kings of Indigo
"With retraced we have succeeded in digitizing our processes in such a seamless way while strengthening our long-standing tradition at the same time. Sustainability and fair production are engrained into our business and now we can take this to the next level."
Ralph Rieker
CEO of Ricosta

Tackle Your CSR Goals from All Angles, All on One Platform

You can't improve what you can't see.

Successful compliance and CSR management start with actionable transparency of your fashion supply chains. Supply chains are highly complex. Understanding your risks and reaching your sustainability targets can be a challenge. Especially when you don’t have full visibility across your supply chains.

With stakeholders scattered and not always digitally connected, a lot of your time is locked up chasing down suppliers for proof documents, certificates, and audits. Jumping between different systems, and spreadsheets to get the data you need is not convenient. With retraced, you can save time, collect data automatically, and gain the visibility you need to achieve your goals effectively.


Source: KMPG Report Dec 2021


‘’Transparency is about having the right data at the right time.’’

How to be a Transparency Leader in your field?

Two dimensions are relevant
How deep is your interaction in your supply chain?
What actions are you taking towards promoting better social and environmental sustainability standards and information disclosure?


Source: Harvard Business Review, 2019

Next Steps Towards Full Transparency


Analyze risks and set goals

What is important to the company’s external stakeholders and how high is the impact on the company’s future success?

Map supply chain

Map supply chains to get a better overview of all the parties involved and to better understand the flow of goods.

Collect SC information

Collect SC information to determine potential risks, find out areas of improvement and discover information gaps.

Track and trace production

Track and trace production badges to ensure source of origin and chain of custody.

Engage in your supply chain

Define actions to be taken based on the findings of the information acquired during the previous step.

Disclose and communicate

Disclose your findings and efforts to improve practices in your supply chain to internal and external stakeholders.

Our CSR Software Helps You Drive Impact


Get started by assessing your risks and knowing where you stand on your sustainability roadmap. Connect to your key material and fabric suppliers so that you can get the relevant data you need when you need it. Use the retraced vendor management solution to monitor your suppliers’ sustainability standards, and get real-time data on the risk factors in your supply chain.


Steer your transparency and compliance management efforts with ease and effectiveness. Manage, and evaluate all of yoursustainability on product and supplier level. Mitigate against your risks with the relevant proof and documentation. The retraced CSR software enables you to automatically collect the important supply chain data insights that you need - all in one place - so that you can act quickly to achieve your goals.


Conquer the compliance challenges of today and tomorrow, together. Keep a complete and real-time overview of your sustainability. Then communicate, share and report your efforts with the relevant stakeholders. At retraced, we work with you to support your CSR strategy and help you collaborate with your suppliers to manage your sustainable supply chains, together.



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