Scalable traceability. Any material. Every supply chain.

Trace and verify your supply chains down to the source of your raw materials, expand your operational visibility, record the chain of custody, and fulfill your clients’ disclosure requirements.

Retrace your steps for the right reasons.

Tracing is critical to understanding accountability in supply chains - where are products and materials made, who makes them and how? Legal initiatives, like the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Law, and the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, are making tracing and risk monitoring a requirement for doing business. It’s time to act.

With retraced, you can structure and streamline your supply chain traceability, and get the transparent data needed to prove product and material provenance and share with your brand & retail clients


Choose a traceability solution that best suits your needs

Retraced follows different robust supply chain tracing approaches depending on you and your client’s operational and reporting requirements. We cover it all.

Multi-tier visibility based on orders and verified proof points.


Product backward tracing starts at the retailer and allows you to collect the order-based chain-of-custody data top-down through the supply chain


Product backward traceability enables partners to simply enter a PO number and retrieve all relevant documentation needed for risk management and global reporting standards


Product backward tracing can be fully scalable helping the biggest business with their reporting and disclosure challenges

Discover our project with Décor Global on enterprise-ready chain-of custody

Fibre forward provenance established from the source.


Fibre forward tracing requires that the upstream suppliers are known in order to kick off the tracing and follow the natural flow of the materials along each value chain step, from the farm, and until it is transformed into the final garment.


This type of tracing enables for deep internal tracing and digital connectivity across the production steps, and greater visibility especially from upstream suppliers.


All supply chain partners – from farmer to fabric finisher - can work together to collect, share, and report on relevant data from one platform, and work collaboratively towards a more transparent and sustainable value chain.

Discover our uninterrupted farm-to-fashion tracing project with Artistic Milliners

Pioneering traceability with retraced. ​

Fit your requirements

All supply chains are different. We know that it's important to work with you to understand what tracing requirements you need to sync with your production and business strategy​.

Compliance strategy sync

All tracing solutions with retraced happen in sync with our all-purpose compliance management platform meaning all data from all parties is synced digitally on one single system.​

Empower upstream suppliers

Tracing enables complete supply chain visibility, and data input from all levels, especially traditionally hard to reach upstream suppliers (farmers, ginners, spinner, etc.).

Operational excellence

Real-time advanced traceability & chain-of-custody documentation enables you to fill in the gaps in your supply chain network, and consolidate supply chains at deeper production processes.


Collected compliance information can be exported from the platform and shared with business partners, to fulfil reporting & regulatory requirements.

Traceability is just the first step...

Let’s be honest. A more sustainable and transparent fashion and textile industry isn’t magically created just with traceability. But it’s a start, and a step in the right direction.

Impactful transparency is about having the right data at the right time. Tracing helps discover, evaluate and prove the relevant data you need, when you need it. With retraced, you can do this together with your value chain partners, and set the example that change is possible, and change is now. Together, with traceability and transparency, we can chart the course for a more responsible industry.

Retraced cofounder Peter and Philipp planning together with the Artistic Milliners team, in Pakistan


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